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Join the NC Synod’s 2021 Summer Bible reading plan.

Welcome to 3 Preachy Prophets, the NC Synod’s 2021 summer Bible reading plan.
This study is the result of efforts from a variety of your fellow Lutherans from across North Carolina, both clergy and lay, and is brought to you by the synod’s Engage the Bible Task Group—a Book of Faith ministry. We give thanks for the writers’ contributions to this summer’s experience.
Begin each day’s reading by first reading the corresponding chapter from the book of Hosea, Joel, or Amos. Next read the thought-provoking devotional and sit for a while with the questions. Close your reading with the prayer.
In the introduction to 3 Preachy Prophets, Dr. Clinton Moyer says that these three Old Testament books are, “…imposing works full of judgment and terror.” Even in the midst of that, however, Moyer encourages us be on the lookout because, “…mercy is far from absent.” The Engage the Bible Task Group is excited to offer this Bible reading plan for you—and the whole synod—to hear the judgment and wrath—even sit with them for a time—but then be prepared to find again God’s ever-present mercy.
We pray the Holy Spirit’s richest blessings on your journey this summer with 3 Preachy Prophets.

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2021 Summer Bible Reading Plan

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